Sl. No. Module Module Lead Team Members Mail ID Mobile No.
1 SAP (APTUNES) Project Manager S.V.V. Prasada Rao, SE 9440907301
2 Human Capital Management (HCM) - Employee information, positions and posts, Payroll, ESS related. V.Venkata Narayana, PO 8500200153
  P.Manikya PrasadaRao, JAO 8500200151
  TS Sunila, JAO 8500200162
  V.Sireesha, AE 9618790410
3 Sales and Distribution (SD-Revenue) and Quality management - Sale of scrap, Customer works, Depository contributions, O&M Services etc.  T.V.Krishna Rao, DE 9440811016
  P.Gopala Krishna, ADE 7382296933
  U. Krishna, AE 9490154079
4 Plant Maintenance - Maintenance orders, Preventive and Breakdown maintenance, Material Indents in O&M, Service Estimates and Agreements, Billing etc. P.R. Saran, DE 9490153125
  V.Ramesh, ADE 9491063192
  D.Vijaya Prasad, ADE 9491074191
  B.Mohan Kumar, ADE 8500200129
5 Project Systems (PS) - TLC works. P.Jyotsna Rani, ADE 7382296925
  P.Santhosh Kumar, ADE 8333979864
  T.Chandra Mouli, ADE 8500200130
6 Material Management (MM) - Purchase orders, Inbound delivery, Outbound delivery, MIGO, PV and Penalty and Central planning.  M. Sai Ram Kumar, DE 9490153124
  S.Lakshmidhar, ADE 9490153130
  Ch.Samantha Kumar, ADE 8500200131
  G.Ramanaiah, ADE 9440619510
7 Finance and Controling (FI-CO) - Financial procedures, Payments procedure, Budget, Balance sheet etc process procedures. V.D. Sarveshwar Rao, SAO 9490611951
  M.V. Muralidhar, SAO 9490153132
  V.Pattabhi Ramarao, AO 8500200134
  S.Varalakshmi, JAO 8500200141
8 File Life Cycle Management (FLM) - File movement Process and issues. T.V.Krishna Rao, DE 9440811016
  V.Narendra Babu, ADE 8331099298
  U. Krishna, AE 9490154079
9 Basis - Roles, User management and Password reset etc. Md.Masood  Ahmed, DE 9441817325
  K.Sri Kameswara Dev, ADE 8500200106
  R.V. Jayabalakrishna, ADE 8331098996
10 Master Data Management (MDM) - Master data related to Loans, Substations, Material, Vendor, Customers etc. M. Haripriya,DE 9490610564
  T.Venkateswarlu, PO 9491030135
  A.Ravi Teja, AE 9490154320
  P. Srinivasa Rao, JAO 8500264002
11 IT Apps & SAP Dashboard and Reports - Any report requirements, Planning, Design and maintenance of IT application and related issues. S.Appa Rao, DE 9440684531
  V.Bhargavi, ADE 7382943988
  R.V. Jayabalakrishna, ADE 8331098996
  G.Penchalaiah, AE 9490602639
12 Networking -  Any issues related to Network connectivity and client installation and setup. S.Mohan Rao, DE 9440817693
  K. Sridhar, ADE 9440817046
13 Anti virus updates M. Haripriya,DE 9490610564
  I. Sudhakar ADE 9490610563
  B.Swarna, AE 7382943944