View TRANSCO Orders 2008-2009


65. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 301-dt.31-03-2009
APTRANSCO – Medical – Introduction of Medical Reimbursement/Credit Card facility for the APTRANSCO/DISCOMS employees and their dependents/retired employees/dependents/family pensioners - Replacing the existing medical Insurance Scheme – Orders – Issued.

65. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 356-dt.21-03-2009
APTransco – Shifting of headquarters of AEE/Civil/O&M Sub-division from Ananthapur to Kurnool –Orders – Issued.

64. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 355-dt.21-03-2009
APTransco – Diversion of 1 AEE/TLC Sub-division from EE/TLC, Vijayawada to EE/TLC, Guntur – Orders – Issued.

63. - T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 353-dt.17-03-2009
APTRANSCO- Allocation of posts for utilization as the Peshi of Officer-on-Special Duty in APTRANSCO – Orders - Issued.


62. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 289-dt.17-03-2009
APTRANSCO- Conversion/ Redesignation of 3 vacant posts of Sr.Steno as JPO – Orders - Issued.

61. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 288-dt.16-03-2009
APTRANSCO– Sanction of 171 posts by way of creation for operation and maintenance of certain EHV Substations and lines – Orders – Issued.


60. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 331-dt.25-02-2009
APTRANSCO- Providing of 1 post of ADE(Elecl.) to the control of JMD(Vigilance & Security) for utilization in QC wing - Orders - Issued


59. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 316-dt.16-02-2009
APTRANSCO- Redeployment of (2) DE/Elecl. posts within Vidyutsoudha– Orders - Issued.


58. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 287-dt.07-03-2009
A PTRANSCO– Sanction of 14 additional Telecom Engineering posts by way of creation to strengthen the Telecom set-up in APTRANSCO - Orders – Issued.

57. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 286-dt.07-03-2009
APTRANSCO– Sanction of 22 posts by way of creation for operation and maintenance of new 400 KV Sub-stations at Dichpally and Gajwel - Orders – Issued.

56. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 281-dt.02-03-2009
APTRANSCO- Up-gradation of the post of SE(Mechanical) as CE(Mechanical) - Orders- Issued.


55. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 279-dt.02-03-2009
ALLOWANCES – Dearness Allowance/Relief – Rates of DA payable to the Employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners/Family Pensioners of A.P.Transco with effect from 1-1-2009 – Orders – Issued.


54. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 278-dt.02-03-2009
APTRANSCO—Enhancement of Permanent Imprest amount from Rs.1000/- to Rs.2000/- to all eligible officers—Amendment—Orders—Issued.


53. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 272-dt.17-02-2009
APTRANSCO- Up-gradation of certain posts of CE/ CGM of Finance or other General service as Executive Director - Orders- Issued.


52. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 266-dt.11-02-2009
APTRANSCO- Creation of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Cell (EECO Cell) in APTRANSCO and Formation of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Cell Advisory and Coordination Committee (EECOACC) –Cancellation Orders – Issued.


51. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 265-dt.11-02-2009
APTRANSCO – Appointment by transfer to the post of Sub-Engineer – Amendments to APSEB Service Regulations Part-III – Orders – Issued.

50. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 264-dt.11-02-2009
APTRANSCO – Appointment by transfer to the post of Sub-Engineer – Orders – Issued.

49. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 302-dt.04-02-2009
APTRANSCO - Biennial Elections to A.P.Legislative Council - One Local authorities’, Two Graduates’ and Two Teachers’ Constituencies - Sanction of Special Casual Leave on the day of Poll 06-02-2009 (Friday) to the employees of Transmission Corporation of A.P Limited - Orders - Issued.

48. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 258-dt.02-02-2009
AP Transco – Extension of power supply to the Bulk Load consumer at 132 KV and above voltage levels – Procedure to be adopted –Amendment orders – issued.

47. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 256-dt.30-01-09

46. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 250-dt.24-01-09
APTRANSCO- Reallocation of subjects among JMDs/ Directors – Partial modification – Orders- Issued.


45. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 249-dt.23-01-09
APTRANSCO- O&M Establishment - Promotion to un-qualified O&M staff to next higher post - Exemption of service on one time basis - revised - Orders- Issued


44. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 291-dt.19-01-09
APTRANSCO- Reconstitution of Technical Committee - Orders- Issued


43. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 281-dt.06-01-09
APTRANSCO- Conversion of FMD Gr-I post as FM Gr-I and redeployment within TL&SS Zone/ Kadapa – Orders - Issued


42. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 267-dt.16-12-08
APTRANSCO- Allocation of posts for utilization in the Peshi of Director (Projects & Co-ordination) – Orders - Issued.


41. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 247-dt.19-01-09
APTRANSCO – Payment of Ex-gratia to the employees of APTRANSCO for the year 2007-08 – Orders – Issued.


40. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 245-dt.12-01-09
APTRANSCO – Official Felicitation to the Employees retiring from service in APTRANSCO in all cadres by presenting with a Memento and Shawl – Modified Orders – Issued.


39. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 231-dt.23-12-08
APTRANSCO – Regulations – Counting of Contract Service as regular service for the purpose of Seniority rendered in the cadres of Asst. Engineer, Sub-Engineer, Junior Accounts Officer & LDC-cum-Computer Operator – Orders – Issued.


38. Memo.No.Addl.Secy/DS(L&P)/AS(L)/PO(IR)/JPO-2/1200/2008,dt.11-12-08.
APTRANSCO – Observance of National Energy Conservation Day on December 14, 2008 and Energy Conservation Week from 14th to 20th December, 2008 – Instructions – Issued.

37. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 218-dt.01-12-08
APTRANSCO- Allocation of subjects among the Joint Managing Directors and Directors-Issued.


37. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 212-dt.27-11-08
APTRANSCO- General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2009 for the Offices under the control of Transmission Corporation of A.P. Limited – Orders – Issued.


36. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 247-dt.27-11-08
APTRANSCO- Shifting of headquarters of Sub-division –3 from Kurnool to Ananthapur under Division-I of SE/TLC/LI, Kurnool Circle –Orders - Issued


35. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 220-dt.27-11-08
APTRANSCO – IR - Holidays – Declaration of Paid Holidays to O&M/ Construction Staff and the workers in TL&SS and TLC Circles for the year 2009 under the Administrative Control of APTRANSCO – Orders - Issued


34. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 214-dt.29-11-08
A.P.Transco – Revival of scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependents of employees who retire on medical invalidation – Government Orders made applicable to A.P.Transco employees – Orders – Issued.


33. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 213-dt.28-11-08
APTRANSCO – Counting of NMR Service for the purpose of Pension and Pensionary benefits to other than Helper/Bill Collector/Watchman Cadres - Orders - Issued.


32. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Rt. No. 239-dt.20-11-08
APTRANSCO-Diversion of 1 post of ADE(Elecl.) to the control of CE/Commercial/ APTransco – Orders - Issued.


31. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No.206-dt.19-11-08
APTRANSCO/ DISCOMs- O&M / Const. Estt- Re-designation of the category of Civil Maistry as Work Inspector – Orders - Issued

30. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No.203-dt.15-11-08
APTRANSCO- SLDC- ULDC SCADA system – Issue of necessary instructions for effective execution of real time operations effectively and efficiently – Further instructions - Issued

29. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.201-dt.14-11-08
APTRANSCO – IR – Treating the Strike period from 18.08.97 to 19.08.97 and from 27.04.98 to 29.04.98 totaling to (5) days as HPL in the case of retired employees who are having HPL at their credit at the time of retirement – Orders – Issued.

28. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.164-dt.03-10-08
APTRANSCO – Regularisation of Services of Contract Assistant Engineers – Orders – Issued.


27. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.134-dt.11-09-08
APTRANSCO – Recognition of Diplomas/Degrees awarded by Universities/ Deemed Universities/Institutions – Comprehensive Orders – Issued


26. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.200-dt.14-11-08
A.P.Transco – Non-graduate Bill Collectors/Revenue Cahiers who were appointed after 11-07-1974 and presently working as UDCs – Granting of One Time Exemption of Graduation Qualification for promotion to the post of JAO – Orders - Issued


25. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.205-dt.25-10-08
APTRANSCO- Redeployment of 1 post of Civil Maistry Gr-I from SE/Civil/ Hyderabad to SE/Civil/ Kadapa and redeployment of 1 post of Tester Gr-I from SE/Telecom/ Kadapa to SE/Telecom/ Warangal – Orders – Issued

24. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.204-dt.24-10-08
APTRANSCO- Diversion of 1 vacant post of AE/AAE(Elecl.) from SE/400KVL&SS/ Field Circle/ Mint compound/ Hyderabad to the control of CE/Civil – Orders – Issued.

23. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.203-dt.23-10-08
APTRANSCO- Diversion of 7 AE/AAE (Elecl.) posts from SE/TLC/ Kadapa to SE/TLC/LI/ Kurnool– Orders – Issued

22. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.189-dt.30-10-08
APTRANSCO – IR – Welfare Measures – Implementation of Group Janata Personal Accident Policy to the APTRANSCO Employees for a period of 3 years from 01.03.2009 to 29.02.2012 - Orders – Issued

21. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.192-dt.31-10-08
Providing consultancy services of M/s KPMG Advisory services Private Limited to APTRANSCO to study & report on HR issues of APTRANSCO & APCPDCL – Orders – Issued

20. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.208-dt.29-10-08
APTRANSCO- Redeployment of the post of DE/IPC to RAC wing under CE/RAC, Reforms&IT and redeployment of the post of ADE/RAC to CE/IPC/APPCC- Orders – Issued.

19. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.185-dt.27-10-08
APTRANSCO – Special Services rendered by Sri M.Gopala Rao and Sri K.Gopala Krishna on the subjects of Transmission, Projects, Co-Ord. & Grid Opn. – Orders – Issued

18. Memo.No.Addl.Secy./DS(L&P) /AS(L) /PO(IR)/JPO-1 /1065/08,dt.16-10-2008
APTRANSCO – IR – In-Service employees prior to 1.2.1999 appointed to new posts by Direct Recruitment in APTRANSCO after 01.02.1999 – Applicability of APRP Rules 1980 and GPF Regulations - Clarification – Issued.

17. Circular Memo No.Addl.Secy/ DS(E)/AS(E)/ PO(E-I)/J2/ 1802/08,dt.29-09-08
APTRANSCO – AP Transco – Prohibition of Smoking at Public Places promulgation of enactment the prohibition of smoking in Public Places Rules, 2008 – Implementation – Instructions – Issued. [Notification of Govt Of India] [Display Board]

16. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.141-dt.17-09-08
APTRANSCO – Further Continuation of temporary posts in Head Quarters Offices and Field Units of APTRANSCO for a period up to 31.03.2009 – Orders – Issued. [Annexure]


15. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.173-dt.15-10-08
APSEB Service Regulations Part-III as adopted by A.P.Transco – Appointment to the post of AAE by transfer – Minimum Service Requirement – Amendment to Regulations – Orders - Issued.

14. T.O.O. (Addl.Secy-Per). Rt.No.180-dt.03-10-08
APTRANSCO- Restoration of the post of ADE to DE/MRT/TL&SS/ Warangal and diversion of one post of ADE from DE/MRT/TLC/ Warangal to 400KVSS/ Dichpally – Orders – Issued

13. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No.163-dt.01-10-08
APTRANSCO- SLDC- ULDC SCADA system – Effective execution of real time operations – Certain instructions – Issued.

12. T.O.O.(Addl. Secy.-Per) Rt.No.175-dt.24-09-08
Financial Assistance for medical treatment to Sri G. Ravi Kumar, Semi-skilled worker working at 400 KV SS Veltoor under the contractor, M/s Urmila Constructions, Hyderabad due to non-departmental non-fatal electrical accident occurred to him – Sanction – Accorded.

11. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per)Ms.No.158-dt.27-09-08
Medical Insurance Scheme – Revision of Policy for the period from 01.10.08 to 31.03.09 for covering Diseases/Ailments and for covering pre existing Ailments as per Standard Group Mediclaim Policy – Orders – Issued. [Hospital List] [Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy]

10. T.O.O. (Per-Addl.Secy) Ms.No.154-dt.25-09-08
Giving preference to the Local Candidates in Direct Recruitment to the cadres of Assistant Engineer and Junior Accounts Officer for implementation of Spirit of Presidential Orders – Amendment – Orders – Issued.


9. T.O.O. (Per-Addl.Secy) Ms.No.153-dt.23-09-08
Appointment of Sri P.Shiva Rao, Advocate as Legal Advisor to APTRANSCO / APPCC on contract basis for a period of five years – Orders - Issued.


8. T.O.O (Addl.Secy-Per)Rt.No.170-22-09-08
Payment of Salaries to the Employees of APTRANSCO for the month of September, 2008 on 29-09-2008 in view of Ramzan Festival—Orders of Government—Adopted.


7. - T.O.O-145-08-09
A.P.S.E.Board Employee’s (Revised) Conduct Regulations as adopted by APTRANSCO—Amendment to Regulation-5—Orders—Issued.

6. - Giving preference to local candidates in direct recruitment – Localization of the cadres of Assistant Engineer and Junior Accounts Officer, Percentage of reservation of posts in respect of local candidates in direct recruitment for the cadres of Assistant Engineer and Junior Accounts Officer for following spirit of Presidential Order - Orders – Issued.


5. - Recognition of Diplomas/Degrees awarded by Universities/ Deemed Universities/Institutions – Comprehensive Orders – Issued.


4. - Consultancy services of M/s KPMG to APTransco – Appointing/ engagement to study and furnish report on Organisation structure, workload norms, staff pattern and service matters of the staff of APTransco & APCPDCL –Orders – Issued.

3. - Creation of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Cell (EECO Cell) in APTRANSCO and Formation of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Cell Advisory and Coordination Committee (EECOACC) –Orders – Issued.

2. - Diversion of 1 post of AE/AAE(Telecom)/Hampi to the control of ADE/Telecom/Ananthapur –Orders – Issued

1. - Diversion of 1 post of Personnel Officer from CE/TL&SS/Kadapa Zone to the control of Additional Secretary/APTRANSCO/ Vidyutsoudha – Orders -Issued.

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