View TRANSCO Orders 2009-2010



134. T.O.O (CE/Comml./AP Transco) Rt.No.537,Dt:23-03-2010
AP Transco – Commercial – Energy Billing Centre – Testing of Energy meters of Generators, T-D Boundary meter points and Consumers – Instructions accorded.

133. T.O.O.(CE/Comml/APTransco) Rt.No.504,Dt:04-03-2010
APTransco-Commercial-Energy Billing Centre – Boundary Energy meter readings and Energy meter particulars being furnished to Energy Billing Centre – Certain Instructions accorded.

132. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.305 Dated:30-03-2010.
Allowances – HRA, CCA and DA – Admissibility in Revised Pay Scales, 2010 Adoption of Government orders in respect of A.P. Government employees working in AP Transco on deputation and drawing pay in Govt. of AP Scales of Pay – Orders – Issued. [GO Ms.No.64]

131. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.300 Dated:29-03-2010.
REVISION OF PAY SCALES, 2010 of Government of Andhra Pradesh – Adoption of Government Orders in respect of A.P. Government employees working in A.P.Transco on deputation and drawing pay in the Pay Scales of Government of A.P. – Orders – Issued.

130. T.O.O (Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.299 Dated:29-03-2010.
APTRANSCO—Providing of loan to the employees of APTRANSCO for purchase of Personal Computers—Amendment—Orders—Issued.

129. T.O.O (Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.297 Dated:26-03-2010.
APTRANSCO—Foreign Service—Terms of deputation of Government Servants deputed on Foreign Service—Consolidated terms and conditions of deputation—Prescribing of cooling period—Adoption of Government Orders—Orders—Issued.

128. Memo.No.Addl.Secy/DS(L,IR&R)/AS(L,IR&R)/PO(R&HRMS)/JPO-1/81/08, dt.19-03-2010.
Regulations—APTRANSCO—Minimum service required for promotion to the category of Accounts Officer from the category of Assistant Accounts Officer—Relaxation on one time basis—Orders—Issued.

127. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per.)Ms.No.284,dt.06-03-2010
A.P.Transco - Regulations – Appointment to the post of LDC & Typist in Accounts Service and Typist in P&G service – Amendment Orders – Issued

126. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per.)Ms.No.281,dt.05-03-2010

AP.TRANSCO – Absorption of Services of Employees on transfer from one company to another company and also from DISCOMs to AP.TRANSCO and vice versa - Consideration of pending applications as on 27.08.2008 – Further orders – Issued.

125. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per.)Ms.No.278,dt.26-02-2010
ALLOWANCES – Dearness Allowance/Relief – Rates of Dearness Allowance payable to the Employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners/Family Pensioners of A.P.Transco with effect from 1-1-2010 – Orders – Issued

124. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per.)Ms.No.271,dt.15-02-2010
APTRANSCO—Providing of loan to the employees of APTRANSCO for purchase of Personal Computers—Orders—Issued.

123. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per.)Ms.No.270,dt.11-02-2010
APTRANSCO—Promotion/Appointment of employees to higher posts when investigations /disciplinary proceedings initiated against them are pending—Adoption of Government Orders—Orders—Issued.

122. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per.)Ms.No.268,dt.10-02-2010
APTRANSCO-Allocation of subjects among the Joint Managing Directors,Additional Joint Managing Director and Directors -Orders-Issued.

121. Memo No.CGM(HRD&Trg)/DS(P)/AS(S)/PO.Reg.(T&NT)/523/09,Dt.03-12-09
Revision of Seniority of Kum B Uma Devi,AE/Elecl-Objections called for-Notice-Issued.

120. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.237 Dt:15.01.10
Regulations – APTRANSCO – Relaxation of qualification of I.T.I to the post of Junior Lineman to the dependents of Employees who retired on Medical Invalidation – Orders – Issued.


119. T.O.O. ED(General)/(CC) Rt. No.379. Dt:31.12.09
AP Transco – Right to Information Act 2005 – Information Manual in compliance with the provisions of Section 4(1) of the Act - Updating the AP Transco official web site – Formation of Committee for approving the information for placing in the APTRANSCO official web site – Orders – Issued.

118. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per)Rt.No.383. Dt:02.01.10
A.P.Transco – Appointment of Sri Ajay Jain,IAS,Joint Managing Director(HRD,Comml,IPC &IT)/A.P.Transco as Charman and Managing Director,Transmission Corporation of A.P.Ltd.-Alternative Arrangements – Orders – Issued.

117. Memo No.Addl Secy/DS(L,IR&R)/AS(L,IR&R)/PO(Reg.&HRMS)/JPO/1072/2007 Dt:24.12.09
A.P.Transco – Holidays – Declaration of General Holiday on 28.12.2009 (Monday) instead of 27.12.2009 (Sunday) on the occasion of “Moharrum” to the offices under the control of A.P Transco – Modified – Orders – Issued.

116. Memo.No.Addl.Secy/DS(L,IR&R)/AS(L,IR&R)/PO(Reg&HRMS)/JPO/548/03, Dt: 22-12-2009
A.P.Transco – Armed Forces Flag Day Fund – Observance on 7th December, 2009 – Contribution by the employees of APTransco – Recovery from the salaries of December 2009 payable in the month of January, 2010 – Issue of instructions to all Offices under the control of APTransco – Orders – Issued.

115. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.219, Dt.03.12.09
A.P.Transco – ARMED FORCES FLAG DAY FUND – Augmentation of Flag Day Fund collection -Contribution by the A.P.Transco – Enhancement of Employees contribution for Flag Day Fund - Recovery from the salaries of December payable in the month of January – Implementation of Government Orders - Orders - Issued.

114. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.201, Dt.17.12.09
A.P.Transco – PAY AND ALLOWANCES—Constitution of Pay Revision Negotiating Committee for Revision of Pay and Allowances of all categories of employees of APTRANSCO, APGENCO and four DISCOMs—Orders—Issued.

113. Memo.No.CE/RAC,Ref&IT/DE/IT/ADE-3/D.No.376/2009, Dt.07.12.09
A.P.Transco – Publishing eventful Information/Activities/ Programs in the A.P.Transco official website -Instructions to the concerned functional heads-Reg.

112. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.188 Dt.01-12-2009
APTRANSCO—ERP—HR Payroll—Data collection and entering into HR Pay Roll system—Identification of certain officers from P&G and Accounts wings from Vidyut Soudha and Zones—Orders—Issued.

111. T.O.O. (Per- CGM/HRD&Trg) Ms.No.187 Dt.30-11-2009
APTRANSCO– Allocation and fixation of headquarters of the newly created posts of 179 ADE(Elecl.), 50 AE/AAE(Elecl:), and 40 Sub-Engineer (Elecl.) and redeployment/ redesignation of certain existing sanctioned posts – Orders – Issued. [Annexure A] [Annexure B]



110. T.O.O.(Addl. Secy.-Per) Ms. No.186 Dt.26-11-2009
APTRANSCO – IR - Holidays – Declaration of Paid Holidays to O&M/ Construction Staff and the workers in TL&SS and TLC Circles for the year 2010 under the Administrative Control of APTRANSCO – Orders - Issued.

109. Memo.No.Addl.Secy/DS(L,IR&R)/AS(L,IR&R) /PO(Reg&HRMS)/JPO-1/488/09 Dt.19-11-2009
A.P.Transco – Elections to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation – Declaration of Public Holiday on poll day i.e. on 23-11-2009 (Monday) - Orders – Issued.

108. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.329 Dt.21-11-2009
APTRANSCO—Sri G.Sai Prasad,IAS(AP:91) Chairman and Managing Director,APCPDCL,Hyderabad-Ex-India Earned Leave for 17 days from 16-11-2009 to 02-12-2009 to visit USA in personal capacity-Incharge arrangements-Orders of the Government-Recorded.

107. Memo.No.Addl.Secy/DS(L,IR&R)/AS(L,IR&R)/PO(R&HRMS) /JPO-1/430/09 Dt.11-11-2009
APTRANSCO—Payment of one month salary as advance to the employees working in the flood affected areas—Orders—Issued.

106. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.159 Dt.09-11-2009
APTRANSCO-General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2010 for the Offices under the control of Transmission Corporation of A.P. Limited – Orders – Issued.

105. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.150 Dt.23-10-2009
APTRANSCO-Delegation of financial powers for incurring Expenditure on Meetings – Amendment - Orders – Issued

104. T.O.O (Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.147 Dt.20-10-2009
APTRANSCO—Implementation of HR Payroll package in APTRANSCO—Constitution of Steering Committee—Orders—Issued.

103. T.O.O. (Per- CGM/HRD&Trg). Ms. No. 139 Dt.14-10-2009
APTRANSCO– Fixation of headquarters for the newly created posts of 1 CE(Elec.), 3 SE(Elec:), & 24 DE(Elec.) – Orders – Issued. [Annexure A] [Annexure B]

102. T.O.O (Per – CGM/HRD&Trg.) Ms.No.123,dt.14-09-09.
APTRANSCO – Further Continuation of temporary posts in Head Quarters Offices and Field Units of APTRANSCO for a period up to 31.03.2010 – Status of existing posts in APPCC- Orders – Issued

[Head Quarters]
[State Wide Posts]
[Civil Wing]
[Telecom Wing]
[Hyderabad Zone]
[Vijayawada Zone]
[Visakhapatnam Zone]
[Warangal Zone]
[Kadapa Zone]

102. Memo.No.Addl.Secy/DS(L,IR&R)/AS(L)/PO(R&HRMS) /JPO-1/219/08, dt.7-10-09.
APTRANSCO—Earned Leave—Surrender of Earned Leave—Encashment during the Financial Year 2009-2010—Clarification—Issued.

101. T.O.O (Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.136 Dt.07-10-2009
APTRANSCO—Contribution of one day basic pay from the salary of the employees of APTRANSCO, APGENCO and DISCOMs to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund towards Flood victims—Recovery from the salary for the month of October, 2009 payable in November, 2009—Orders—Issued.

100.T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.135 Dt.06-10-2009
A.P.Transco – Relaxation of qualification of I.T.I. for appointment by transfer to the post of Junior Lineman – Amendment - Orders – Issued

99. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.134 Dt.06-10-2009
APTRANSCO – Appointment by transfer to the post of Sub-Engineer – Amendment - Orders – Issued.

98. T.O.O (CGM-HRD&Trg) Rt.No.186 Dt.14-09-2009
A.P TRANSCO – Engg. Service – Certain Divisional Engineers/Elecl – Promotion and postings as Superintending Engineers/Elecl – Orders – Issued

97. T.O.O (CGM-HRD&Trg) Rt.No.183 Dt.11-09-2009
A.P TRANSCO – Engg. Service – Sri M.Anwarruddin, Superintending Engineer/Elecl – Promotion and posting as Chief Engineer/Elecl – Orders – Issued.

96. T.O.O. (Per- CGM/HRD&Trg). Ms. No. 120 Dt.11-09-2009
APTRANSCO– Creation of 297 additional posts viz., CE(Elec.)=1, SE(Elec:)=3, DE(Elec.)=24, ADE(Elec.)=179, AE/AAE(Elec.)=50, Sub-Engineer(Elec.)=40 – Orders – Issued.


95. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.119 Dt.11-09-2009
Delegation of Powers – Sanction of Special Disability Leave to the Employees performing duties of technical nature in Class-III and Class-IV Services – Delegation of powers to Zonal Chief Engineers – Amendment – Orders – Issued.

94. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.118 Dt.11-09-2009
AP.Transco – Enhancement of ‘Telephone Operator Allowance’ and ‘Security Guard Allowance’ – Orders – Issued.


94. Memo.Addl.Secy-Holiday-Twincities-RR Dist. Dt.02-09-2009
HOLIDAYS – Declaration of Holiday on 03.09.2009 (Thursday) on account of Ganesh Idols immersion procession in twin cities of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Ranga Reddy District and declaring 12.09.2009 (Second Saturday) as working day in lieu of 03.09.2009 (Thursday) – Orders – Issued. [Cancellation]

93. Memo.Addl.Secy-Ramzan-Permission Dt.21-08-2009
Festivals – Ramzan Festival – Permission to Employees belonging to Muslim Religion including out-sourcing employees working in APTransco to leave Office early by an hour during the month of Ramzan from 21-08-2009 to 20-09-2009 – Granted.

92. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.105 Dt.18-08-2009
APTRANSCO—ALLOWANCES – Dearness Allowance/Relief – Rates of Dearness Allowance payable to the Employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners/Family Pensioners of A.P.Transco with effect from 1-7-2009 – Orders – Issued.

91. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.102 Dt.6-08-2009
APTRANSCO—Appointment by transfer to the cadre of LDC/Assistant or equivalent—Passing of Accounts Test for Sub-ordinate Officers Part-I with in 2 years from the date of transfer—Further instructions—Issued.


90. Memo.No.Addl.Secy. 15-42/09 Dt.01-08-2009
A.P.Transco – Leave Travel Concession to the Employees of A.P.Transco – Intimation of block period for travelling “Home Town” and “Any where in A.P.” for the block period 2009-2012 Issued.

89. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per.) Ms.No.92 Dt.23-07-2009
APTRANSCO—Nomonation and appointment of sri A.K. Goel,IAS,Special Chief Secretary to Government ,Energy Department as Non Whole Time Director and as Shareholder on the Board of APTRANSCo-Orders of the Government-Issued [G.O.No.28,Dtd:08-07-2009]

88. T.O.O.(ACS) Ms.No.123 Dt.18-07-2009
APTRANSCO—Appointment of Sri Umesh Shraraf,IPS,JMD(V&S)/A.P.Transco to hold full additional Charge of the post of JMD(HRD,Comml,IPC &IT)/A.P.Transco-Sanction of Additional Charge Allowance-Orders-Issued

87. T.O.O.(ACS) Ms.No.86 Dt.14-07-2009
APTRANSCO—Audit Committe Constituted U/s 292A of the Companies Act 1956(as amended)-Change in one of the members of the committee—Orders—Issued

86. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.84 Dt.14-07-2009
APTRANSCO—Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board Employee’s Service Regulations as adopted by APTRANSCO—Amendment to Regulation-14 of Service Regulations Part-III—Orders—Issued

85. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.72 Dt.20-06-2009
A.P.Transco – Relaxation of qualification of I.T.I. for appointment by transfer to the post of Junior Lineman – Orders – Issued.

84. T.O.O.(Per- CGM(HRD&Trg).Rt. No. 70 Dt.16-06-2009
APTRANSCO– Reorganisation of Telecom Engineering set-up in APTRANSCO – Orders – Issued.

83. T.O.O.(Per- CGM(HRD&Trg).Rt. No. 73 Dt.08-06-2009
APTRANSCO- Diversion of 2 ADE/Elecl. posts to the control of SE/TLC/LI/ Kurnool and reallocation of existing posts of AE/AAE (Elecl.) within TLC/LI Circle Kurnool – Orders – Issued.

82. T.O.O.(Per- CGM(HRD&Trg).Rt. No. 64 Dt.03-06-2009
APTRANSCO- Reallocation of Sections under the control of CE(Mechanical) – Sanction of Peshi staff posts to CE/Mechanical by way of redeployment – Orders- Issued.

81. T.O.O.(Per- CGM(HRD&Trg).Rt. No. 63 Dt:03.06.2009
APTRANSCO- Re-designation of certain Dy. Secretary and Asst. Secretary posts and reallocation of Sections under the control of Additional Secretary – Orders- Issued.

80. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy.– Per.) Rt.No.58 Dt:28.05.2009
APTRANSCO – MID-CAREER TRAINING – Sri K.Vijayanand,IAS (92) Joint Managing Director (HRD,Comml.,IPC & IT)/AP Transco – Deputation for participation in the Phase-IV Mid-Career Training programme to be conducted at LBSNAA, Mussoorie for IAS Officers from Ist June, 2009 to 24th July, 2009 – Alternative Arrangements – Orders – Issued.

79. T.O.O.(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms No.56 Dated.30.05.2009
APTRANSCO – General Transfer Policy and Guidelines for Engineering, Accounts, O&M and P&G Services in APTRANSCO for the year 2009-2010 - Orders – Issued.

78. T.O.O. (Addl.Secy-Per.) Ms.No.49 Dt.23-05-2009
APTRANSCO – Sanction of expenditure on obsequies of deceased Junior Line Man appointed on contract basis - Orders - Issued.

77. T.O.O.(Per- CGM(HRD&Trg.)).Rt. No.52 Dt.18-05-2009
APTRANSCO- Allocation of subjects/ sections to the post of CE(Mechanical) - Orders- Issued.

76. T.O.O.(Per- CGM(HRD&Trg.)).Rt. No.49 Dt.16-05-2009
APTRANSCO- Diversion of 2 posts of JPO from TL&SS Zone/Hyderabad to Medical Section O/o Additional Secretary – Orders -Issued.

75. T.O.O.(Per- CGM(HRD&Trg.)).Rt. No.48 Dt.14-05-2009
APTRANSCO- Diversion of 1 post of PO from TL&SS Zone/Hyderabad to TL&SS Zone/ Kadapa – Orders -Issued.

74.T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.38 Dt.05-05-2009
APTransco – Diversion of 2 Nos vacant LDC posts from TL&SS Zone/ Hyderabad to Vidyutsoudha –Orders – Issued.

73. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per)Ms.No.41 Dt.13-05-2009
APTRANSCO—Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board Employee’s Service Regulations as adopted by APTRANSCO—Amendment to Regulation-14 of Service Regulations Part-III—Orders—Issued.

72. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 24-dt.22-04-2009
APTRANSCO—Allowances—Dearness Allowance—Revision of Dearness Allowance to the State Government Employees drawing pay in A.P.Revised Pay Scales, 2005 from 1st January, 2009—Adoption of Government Orders in respect of State Government Employees working on deputation in A.P.Transco—Orders—Issued.

71. Memo.No.Addl.Secy/DS(L&P)/JPO-1/150/09,dt.08-04-09.
APTRANSCO—Elections—General Elections to Lok Sabha & Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 2009—Polling on 16-04-2009 & 23-04-2009—Decleration of Holiday—Orders—Issued. [G.O.Rt.No.1673,Dtd:04-04-2009]

70. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 11-dt.06-04-2009
APTRANSCO—Appointment by transfer to the cadre of LDC/Assistant or equivalent—Passing of Accounts Test for Sub-ordinate Officers Part-I - Further instructions—Issued.

69. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 10-dt.06-04-2009
APTRANSCO – Appointment by transfer to the post of Sub-Engineer – Amendments - Orders – Issued.

68. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 09-dt.06-04-2009
APTRANSCO– Allotment of newly created posts of 3 DE/Elecl., 92 ADE/Elecl., 24 AE/AAE(Elecl.) & 46 Sub-Engineer(Elecl.) and redeployment of certain existing posts of ADE(Elecl.), AE/AAE(Elecl.) and Sub-Engineer/Elecl., – Orders – Issued.

67. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 07-dt.03-04-2009
APTRANSCO—Counting of Training period for the purpose of Pension for certain categories of posts in Engineering Service, Accounts Service, P&G Service and O&M Service—Orders—Issued.

66. T.O.O.(Per- Addl. Secy).Ms. No. 02-dt.06-04-2009
APTRANSCO-Redeployment of 1 post of LI from SE/Telecom/ Vijayawada to SE/Telecom/ Hyderabad - And redeployment of 1 post of Work Inspector Gr-III from SE/Civil/ Kadapa to Vidyutsoudha – Orders – Issued.

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